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CSS references in Jekyll

If you are using Jekyll as a blogging platform you might have noticed about two months ago there was an update to the way it handles url’s especially in the way that you can test your page url’s locally. I found that since they added the baseurl: to the configuration it changed the way my css files were being referenced.

If you in the past used url: in your _config.yml file you now need to set a baseurl: / if you want your files to route to your css correctly.

Euler Challenge 67

I ran into this interesting problem which asks to start at the top of a triangle of numbers and moving to the adjacent numbers below find the maximum total sum. They then give you a text file to parse and find the total maximum sume.

Here is my solution.


and just like the

tired gets woke up by excited

and there is no problem

we’re done

and like a sling shot

we got velocity

to get it off

done diddy

in the grass

sun soaking with nothing to do

done is as done does

and for now

its just naps and kisses

kisses and naps

          - Bill Keys